Results of Questionnaire Finding a time for a WAI-AGE Task Force teleconference (90 minutes)

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This questionnaire was open from 2008-05-19 to 2008-05-26.

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  1. Picking a time for the WAI-AGE Task Force

1. Picking a time for the WAI-AGE Task Force

Please indicate in the table below at which times you would be available for the call - it will usually be of 90 minutes duration.


ChoiceAll responders
NoYes, but prefer notYesYes, and prefer
Monday, 14 CET
Monday, 15 CET
Monday, 16 CET
Wednesday, 14 CET
Wednesday, 15 CET
Wednesday, 16 CET

Ranking of choices in order of least unacceptable/most prefered:

RanksAll responders:
1Wednesday, 15 CET
2Wednesday, 16 CET
3Wednesday, 14 CET
4Monday, 16 CET
5Monday, 15 CET
6Monday, 14 CET


Responder Monday, 14 CETMonday, 15 CETMonday, 16 CETWednesday, 14 CETWednesday, 15 CETWednesday, 16 CETComments

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