IRC log of webont on 2002-07-03

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00:00:02 [jhendler]
rrsagent, drop action 5
00:01:47 [jhendler]
00:07:25 [jhendler]
Tests and scheduling
00:13:23 [jhendler]
DanC: discusses schedule of WG and how we reach Proposed Rec
00:20:48 [jhendler]
(group gets a bit punchy -- much noise - Dan gets floor back)
00:21:01 [jhendler]
Discussion of various tools and tool types.
00:21:24 [jhendler]
ACTION: Jim will work with Mike Dean to see if DAML Validator can become OWL validator
00:23:33 [JosD]
TEST: concept of conforming OWL reader and concept of conforming OWL reasoner
00:25:05 [jhendler]
DanC requests that people send to WebOnt mailing list a short description of the tools you have available
00:25:11 [jhendler]
or that you will use to help tools
00:25:24 [jhendler]
Raphael will make a large ontology available to test readers
00:27:07 [jhendler]
A set of different kinds of tests (not just entailment testing) is proposed
00:27:32 [jhendler]
Ian - we should have a way to tell tools that give wrong results from tools which say "I don't know"
00:29:01 [jhendler]
Resolved: Thanks to Jonathan and Deb for local arrangements - special thanks to Fujitsu for the wine and lunches - kudos to Deb for great choice of restaurant
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