W3C Workshop on Delivery Context

Position Paper

Art Barstow
February 11, 2002

Delivery Context

Section 3.2 (Future Work - Implementation of delivery context) of the Device Independence Principles implies recommendations are needed to define:
  1. The way in which delivery context should be generated by the access mechanism
  2. The interpretation of the delivery context by the server
With respect to item #1, my position is that any specification(s) done by the W3C in this area must: With respect to item #2, it isn't clear if this is something the W3C should standardize.

Device Independent Authoring

Section 3.3 (Future Work - Framework for device independent authoring) of the Device Independence Principles provides a brief description of a framework for device independent authoring. Although defining such a framework is not (currently) within the Device Independent Working Group's Charter the Workshop should include a discussion of the framework's requirements and potential solutions.