Towards Semantic Web Document Engineering

Jacco van Ossenbruggen

Lynda Hardman

CWI Amsterdam

Document Web vs. Semantic Web

Document Web integration issues

Multimedia isn't Text

Tim's Semantic Web Wedding Cake

Tim Berners Lee's stacked model of the Semantic Web

Example (HTML fragment)

<div id="allegory">
  <h1>Musical Allegory<h1>
  <img src="allegory.jpg"/ >
  <p>This is hardly just an ordinary group of musicians.
     The figures are too exotically dressed in oriental

Example (RDF metadata)

<museum:Painter rdf:ID="Rembrandt">
  <museum:lname>Harmenszoon van Rijn<museum:lname>
  <museum:painted rdf:resource="#allegory" />

<museum:Painting rdf:about="#allegory">
   <museum:title>Musical Allegory<museum:title>

Example ("RDF aware XSLT rule")

<xsl:template match=

"Smart Style"

For Semantic Web aware adaptation & style, CSS, XSLT, CC/PP should be: