Position Statement

Sumanth Muthyala, Usability and Interaction Design Group, Compuware Corporation

Compuware Corporation has nearly three decades of experience in successfully building quality software applications for the world's largest businesses. Our solutions approach helps organizations complete every step in the application life cycle and prepare for the next with a strong focus on quality and speed. Our repeatable procedures reduce cycle time and improve quality--every time. Compuware products, services and solutions help IT professionals develop, integrate, test and manage the performance of the applications driving their businesses. With Compuware tools you can optimize every step in the application process for mainframe, distributed and web platforms.

I have been quite involved in new software product definition and development for a year now. Requirements and specifications I have written so far have been targeted exclusively towards users within the United States. As our products are marketed to other countries I would like to understand the critical design considerations that must be made in order to accommodate this wider audience. I am personally interested in the issues involving internationalized designs of web and Windows based products.

I have followed some rules for internationalization like, using graphics without text and colors that will be internationally accepted.

I am not sure if using Unicode and CSS will solve the all major Internationalization issues. Can a different style sheet be used for every country? How do we change the “grammar” for messages in the Localized versions? Can the culture-dependent elements be accounted for using a different style sheet?

I look forward to discussing this and the other issues that arise with respect to internationalization/localization.