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ACTION-789 (edit) open With help from Anne to review TAG finding on application state and propose TAG followup to promote good use of URIs for Web Apps including those with persistent state with focus on actual examples Yehuda Katz 2013-04-16
ACTION-800 (edit) open with help from slightlyoff, and annevk to investigate nosniff current status Yehuda Katz 2013-05-14
ACTION-792 (edit) open with help from Alex talk to TC39 about helping with WebIDL (agreed on Monday 18 March) Yehuda Katz 2013-05-21
ACTION-809 (edit) open And alex will create an initial draft of high level view/survey and how they relate to system capabilities Yehuda Katz 2013-06-05
ACTION-811 (edit) open Send a note to the web audio working group with some architectural suggestions. Yehuda Katz 2013-06-06
ACTION-816 (edit) open write readme for architectural principles of promises Yehuda Katz 2013-07-01
ACTION-826 (edit) open Work on a statement or document on data races with Alex. Yehuda Katz 2013-08-08
ACTION-830 (edit) open : work to align with the extensible web cg] Yehuda Katz 2013-10-07
ACTION-833 (edit) open Write some text about capability layering Yehuda Katz 2013-10-08
ACTION-835 (edit) open Draft a note regarding constraints and decisions regarding zip urls Yehuda Katz 2013-10-08
ACTION-840 (edit) open Document his recommendations to the sysapps wg regarding de-packagizng the specs Yehuda Katz 2013-10-09
ACTION-853 (edit) open Start a write-up on architectural / layering considerations on responsive images. Yehuda Katz 2014-01-16
ACTION-860 (edit) open And others to do an integrity url spec review Yehuda Katz 2014-04-09
ACTION-861 (edit) open Collaborate with annevk on a plan for general metadata on urls Yehuda Katz 2014-04-09
ACTION-868 (edit) open Organize an ad hoc meeting on articulating more of the vision of the extensible web Yehuda Katz 2014-07-30
ACTION-854 (edit) open Start working on a design principles write-up on "layering" - an explainer document and faq / examples on the architectural principles. Yehuda Katz 2014-07-31
ACTION-865 (edit) open Find jquery animations people and ask if they could build on top of web animations Yehuda Katz 2014-07-31

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