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ACTION-784 (edit) open with help from Yehuda to frame F2F discussion of layering Alex Russell 2013-03-04
ACTION-817 (edit) open write readme on extending HTML responsibly Alex Russell 2013-07-01
ACTION-822 (edit) open Send email to public-script-coord about TC39 and TPAC Alex Russell 2013-07-04
ACTION-831 (edit) open Start writing some text for security recommendations with agl's help Alex Russell 2013-10-08
ACTION-832 (edit) open Invite dmitry to present about web components Alex Russell 2013-10-08
ACTION-837 (edit) open Write up something to send to web audio working group Alex Russell 2013-10-09
ACTION-845 (edit) open Report back on a TAG telecon on the outcome of discussions in TC39 Meeting on JSON discussion Alex Russell 2013-11-28 JSON-FU
ACTION-847 (edit) open Draft a review of web crypto api Alex Russell 2014-01-14
ACTION-848 (edit) open Prepare an input into the strint workshop from the tag Alex Russell 2014-01-14
ACTION-849 (edit) open Start documenting web permission patterns with code examples Alex Russell 2014-01-15
ACTION-870 (edit) open Have conversation re: issue in section 3.2 or capability URL draft, feed back to Jeni Alex Russell 2014-07-30
ACTION-871 (edit) open Draft a blog post on permissions request design guidelines for APIs Alex Russell 2014-07-30

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