Resource Representations (2)

Consensus developed 18 November on the following:

Consider using XML
Pro and contra points, and detailed guidelines for using XML in designs well-presented in an excellent IETF BCP Guidelines for the Use of XML within IETF Protocols, also available in HTML.
URI Schemes
When specifying the use of URIs, designers SHOULD NOT constrain the use of URI schemes.
Use Namespaces
XML-based languages for widespread common use MUST be given an XML namespace name and the elements of the language MUST be placed in that namespace.
Unified formatting semantics
For languages whose contents are intended for visual rendering for presentation to humans, the repertoire of formatting semantics SHOULD be consistent across the universe of W3C recommendations.
Web-scale linking
When designing a language that includes linking or hypertext functionality, designers SHOULD design that functionality so it supports Web-wide rather than merely local linking.
Media-type registration
Designers of languages which will be used in resource representations MUST arrange for the registration of an Internet Media Type for that language, and SHOULD consider the recommendations of RFC3203 in carrying out that registration. This registration MUST include a specification of the handling of fragment identifiers for resource representations in the language being designed.