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USeekM: GeoSparql for Sesame Triplestores

Name of the tool: USeekM: GeoSparql for Sesame Triplestores
Home page:
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Programming language(s) that can be used with the tool: Java
Relevant semantic web technologies: RDF, SPARQL, GeoSPARQL
Categories: Triple Store, Development_Environment
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(Tool description last modified on 2012-04-4.)


USeekM is an extension library for semantic databases that offer a Sesame ( compatible API. It adds efficient (geo-)spatial, text search, and resource based search functionality. The module indexes spatial data in a separate R-Tree based index, and text data in an inverted-index. It uses Postgres and/or ElasticSearch/Lucene to build these indexes. SPARQL and SERQL queries are intercepted by the module, and rewritten into a combination of queries against the spatial-index and the semantic database. The module works for all Semantic Databases that are based on the Sesame Sail layer, such as Sesame Native, Bigdata, and Owlim. The module supports OpenGIS geometry types (such as Point, Line, Polygon) and functions (such as Within, Intersects, Overlaps, Crosses). The libarry is open source and released under an Apache V2 License.