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  | SWTechnology5=XML
  | SWTechnology5=XML
  | Category1=Relevant Tool Category #1;
  | Category1=SPARQL Endpoint
    see Category:Tool for current categories
| ...
| Category20=Relevant Tool Category #10
  | SeeAlso=semanticweb.org/wiki/SPARQL2XQuery
  | SeeAlso=semanticweb.org/wiki/SPARQL2XQuery
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| Institution=Company, University, etc, whose product this tool is

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The SPARQL2XQuery Framework

Name of the tool: The SPARQL2XQuery Framework
Home page: The SPARQL2XQuery Framework
Date of latest release:
Programming language(s) that can be used with the tool: Java
Relevant semantic web technologies: RDF, RDFS, OWL, SPARQL, XML
Categories: SPARQL Endpoint
See also: http://semanticweb.org/wiki/SPARQL2XQuery
Public mailing list:
Preferred project URI: http://www.dblab.ntua.gr/~bikakis/SPARQL2XQuery.html
DOAP reference:
Company or institution:

(Tool description last modified on 2011-12-13.)