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Find & Share SKOS Data

This is a community page for links to SKOS data in RDF.

The SWD working group has edited a SKOS Implementation report which gathers vocabulary submissions by the SKOS community in response to the W3C's Call for implementations.

Below, you'll find some SKOS datasets which had been advertised to the community before this listing effort, or that have been created afterwards.

Please feel free to edit this page and add links to your data!

STW Thesaurus for Economics

STW Thesaurus for Economics Thesaurus for economics and business economics in English and German, including a classification of subject categories. Maintained by German National Library of Economics (ZBW). Published as RDFa pages and RDF/XML dataset, licensed under Creative Commons (by-nc-sa). A STW web service and a SPARQL endpoint (in beta state) are available, too.

Thesaurus for the Social Sciences

Thesaurus for the Sozial Sciences in German and English, maintained by gesis - Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences. Downloadable as RDF/XML, SPARQL endpoint.


As standardized in ISO 3166-1:


Clinical drug administration forms mapped to SNOMED CT and FDA codes:

Vocabularies for GeoSciML Geoscience information interchange

A collection of vocabularies created for populating geoscience information interchange document have been compiled by the Concept Definition Task Group. There are currently 33 skos rdf vocabulary files in the CDTG repository. A discussion paper is also posted. Each vocabulary targets a property in the GeoSciML GML markup language that is populated using scoped names. Some of the vocabularies: composition category, contact type, fault type, foliation type, genetic category, geologic unit morphology, particle shape, simple lithology.

DDC Dewey Decimal Classification

Experimental access to the top three levels of DDC ( A SPARQL endpoint is provided also. Reuseable under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.

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Blogger's Topics

Norm Walsh Morten Frederiksen


GEMET General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus

GEMET RDF Service hosted by European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET).

RDF Description of the GEMET by Al Miles, conforming to old SKOS version. (2004-11-13)

UKAT UK Archival Thesaurus

RDF description of the UKAT published by the UKAT project.

RDF description of the UKAT by Al Miles, including new SKOS Core features and RDF description of UKAT fields of knowledge (top level concepts) which were not previously included. (2004-11-12)

GCL UK Government Category List

RDF description of the GCL by Al Miles. (2004-11-12)

W3C Glossaries

Various W3C Glossaries ...

APAIS (Australian Public Affairs Information Service) Thesaurus

RDF Description of the APAIS thesaurus by Al Miles. (2004-11-13)

AGROVOC FAO Agricultural Thesaurus

AGROVOC RDF files in SKOS standard. (2004-11) hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

A new release of AGROVOC in SKOS format has been create on March 2006. See the ftp area.

Alexandria Digital Library Feature Type Thesaurus

RDF description of the FTT (2002-07-03 release) by Ceri Binding, University of Glamorgan. (2004-12-13). See also the metadata page for the Feature Type Thesaurus

SKOS Version of WordNet 2.0

Partial (minimal, actually) conversion of WordNet 2.0 to SKOS by John M. Linebarger of Sandia National Laboratories, using RDF sources corrected by Mark van Assem. The focus is on synonyms and definitions. Please feel free to use the included XSLT stylesheets to improve and contribute updated versions back to the community. Two versions of the SKOS conversion (with associated XSLT stylesheets) in one ZIP file. The first contains only WordNet nouns that have synonyms. The second contains all words. ZIP file containing only the second of the two SKOS conversions described above.

Language codes

As standardized in ISO 639:

["IANA Language Subtag Registry in SKOS"]

Machine Learning Terminology using SKOS

A small Knowledge Base related to Machine Learning developed for the IRIS semantic search system. See also:IRIS Ontologies.

UMBEL Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer

UMBEL is a lightweight structure for relating Web content and data to a standard set of 20,000 subject concepts, based principally on SKOS and derived from OpenCyc. These concepts have defined relationships between them, and can act as fixed reference points for mapping global information on the Web.

See also: UMBEL documentation for ontology downloads in various formats and technical reports.

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