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RDF Vocabulary Description Language 1.0: RDF Schema (RDFS)


RDFS is a general-purpose language for representing simple RDF vocabularies on the Web. Other vocabulary definition technologies, like OWL or SKOS, build on RDFS and provide language for defining structured, Web-based ontologies which enable richer integration and interoperability of data among descriptive communities.

Recommended Reading

The RDFS is part RDF Specification suite Recommendations, published in 2004. This suite also includes an RDF Primer that covers the basic RDFS features, too.

A number of textbooks have been published on RDF, RDFS, and on Semantic Web in general. Please, refer to a separate page listing some of those, as maintained by the community. That list also includes references to conference proceedings and article collections that might be of general interest.

Tools that are listed as relevant to RDFS

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