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The Semantics of RDF Datasets and Dealing with Quad-sets

Triplesets: Tagging and Grouping in RDF Datasets”, Atanas Kiryakov, Vassil Momtchev (Short Presentation) (Slides). The major points from the presentation and the related discussion:

  1. the semantics of addition and removal of statements in RDF Datasets needs to be defined
  2. RDF datasets can be presented as sets of SPOG quadruples, which can be seen as RDF multi-graphs
  3. there are data integration scenarios which require a mechanism to assign metadata to parts of such datasets
  4. such parts of datasets represent sets of SPOG quadruples, subsets of the contents of the entire dataset, which are independent from NGs
  5. the proposed triplesets provide such mechanism (a better name could be "quadsets")