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String dc:title (DCMI Metadata Terms)

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CWM +Closed World Machine (CWM)  +
Callimachus +Callimachus, a Linked Data management system  +
Cerebra +Cerebra Server  +
CheckRDFa +checkrdfa  +
ClioPatria +ClioPatria  +
Corese +Conceptual Resource Search Engine (Corese)  +
Csv2rdf4lod +csv2rdf4lod  +
CubicWeb +CubicWeb  +
Cuebee +Cuebee: Knowledge Driven Query Formulation  +
CumulusRDF +CumulusRDF, a Linked Data server  +
Cvs2rdf +csv2rdf  +
Cypher +Cypher  +


D2RQ +D2RQ  +
DBpedia Spotlight +DBpedia Spotlight  +
DLnavigator +Description Logic Complexity Navigator  +
DSP Platform +DSP Platform  +
DartGrid +DartGrid  +
DataFAQs +DataFAQs  +
Datalift +Datalift  +
Db2triples +db2triples  +
Disco +Disco  +
Djubby +djubby  +
Dlpconvert +dlpconvert  +
Dojo.Data  +
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Facts about "Tool Name"
Imported from
"Imported from" is a predefined property that describes a relation to an imported vocabulary.
dc:title | dc import +
Has type
"Has type" is a predefined property that describes the datatype of a property.
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