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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about PROV and using it.

What is the relationship between Dublin Core and PROV?

The two specifications are complimentary. Dublin Core contains many provenance related terms many of which are more specific than those provided by PROV. For those terms, there is a mapping from Dublin Core Metadata Terms to PROV provided by a best practice document. If your system understands PROV, it will be able to understand the provenance terms of Dublin Core.

How can I define a sub activity?

PROV contains the notion of an activity. Some people have asked how to model sub-activities. We suggest using dcterms:hasPart

When should I use prov:Agent subtypes?

If you want to denote that some Person, Organization or Software Agent has responsibility for and activity or entity use the subtypes of prov:Agent. Otherwise, we suggest that use other ontologies like FOAF.

Why doesn't PROV use FOAF?

TODO: Tim Lebo