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  | Name=Euler
  | Name=Euler
  | ProgrammingLanguage1=Java
  | ProgrammingLanguage1=Java
  | ProgrammingLanguage2=.Net
  | ProgrammingLanguage2=C-sharp
  | ProgrammingLanguage3=Python
  | ProgrammingLanguage3=Python
  | ProgrammingLanguage4=Javascript
  | ProgrammingLanguage4=Javascript

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Name of the tool: Euler
Home page: http://eulersharp.sourceforge.net/
Date of latest release:
Programming language(s) that can be used with the tool: Java, C-sharp, Python, Javascript, Prolog
Relevant semantic web technologies: RDF, OWL
Categories: Triple Store
See also:
Public mailing list:
Preferred project URI:
DOAP reference:
Company or institution: Agfa-Gevaert Group

(Tool description last modified on 2010-03-12.)


Euler is an inference engine supporting logic based proofs. It is a backward-chaining reasoner enhanced with Euler path detection. It has implementations in Java, C#, Python, JavaScript and Prolog. Via N3 it is interoperable with W3C Cwm.