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Tools usable from, or with, C

(Note that you can browse tools per tool categories or Semantic Web technologies, too.)

Last modified and/or added

The description of the following tools have been added and/or modified most recently.

All relevant tools

List of all tools listed on this wiki, and relevant to C.

  • AllegroGraph RDF Store (triple store, programming environment, reasoner, development environment, rdfs reasoner).
  • ClioPatria (triple store, programming environment, reasoner, rule reasoner).
  • microdata/RDFa-Lite C Parser (programming environment).
  • OpenLink Virtuoso (triple store, reasoner, rdf generator, sparql endpoint, owl reasoner, rdfs reasoner, rdb2rdf).
  • StrixStore (triple store, sparql endpoint, reasoner, rule reasoner).
  • OWLIM (triple store, reasoner, sparql endpoint, rdfs reasoner, owl reasoner).
  • Parliament (triple store, reasoner, owl reasoner, rdfs reasoner, rule reasoner).
  • RDFStore (triple store, programming environment).
  • Redland RDF Application Framework (programming environment).
  • StrixDB (triple store, programming environment, reasoner, rdfs reasoner).