Additional Tests for the GRDDL Library

STATUS: These tests are offered as additional tests for testing GRDDL implementations, and as regression tests when modifying the GRDDL Library transforms. They were developed as part of the development of the GRDDL Library, testing functionality additional to that tested by the approved libary test in the GRDDL Test Cases. However, they missed the cut-line for the official GRDDL test cases, and have not been formally approved by the WG.

Jeremy Carroll
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Test missing from GRDDL Test Cases


The following tests use the working draft An XHTML + MathML + SVG Profile . This work has been superceded by the Compound Document by Reference Framework , and it is believed that the same issues of interaction between the html:base element, and xml:base attributes applies.

More glean-profile tests

The following tests are for the use of glean-profile, with a profile that has multiple URLs.

xml-attributes tests

xml:lang from xml-attributes

The following tests are for the use of xml-attributes, concerning language.

xml:base from xml-attributes

The following tests are for the use of xml-attributes, concerning base (and to a lesser extent language).

Informative Library Tests

Note: while these tests are labelled as informative, that does not mean that the other tests are approved as normative. Merely that these tests show behaviour that is outside a strict reading of the GRDDL Specification.

The following tests all exercise limitations in xml-attributes. In these tests, it terminates prematurely, to indicate that it does not fully support the nesting of relative xml:base values. Since the behaviour of a GRDDL aware agent after the premature termination of a transform is not defined by the GRDDL Specification, these tests show possible behaviour of such an agent, but such behaviour is not required.

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