Assertions made in RDF are analogous to assertions made in any other language. The author and/or publisher of these assertions is responsible for these assertions. It remains the responsibility of courts to determine legal responsibility considering the effects of context and other factors.

action bwm to send this text to Tim and test whether this meets his needs.

Issue: rdfms-not-id-and-resource-attr


<foo:bar rdf:ID="foo" rdf:resource="bar"/>


Currently illegal. Approved.

Action: DaveB test case - generate or amend existing one also review existing test cases


Pat's proposal simple datatypes 23-02-2002 is the basis for our datatypes solution.

We will only make changes to fix specific problems, with test cases. A problem is something the WG agrees is problem.


The lack of xml examples is a problem. action patrickS produce examples.

WG agrees Jeremy's entailment is a problem.

oct is not an xsd:datatype is a problem

no concept of using "," instead of "." in decimals is a problem