API example 2: one wildcard

What is the dc:publisher of http://example.org/myfoo ?

Find all the triples with a dc:publisher predicate and http://example.org/myfoo as the subject.

MATCH triples with subject = http://example.org/myfoo , predicate = dc:publisher , object = *

http://example.org/myfoo dc:title "MyFoo Financial Report"
http://example.org/myfoo dc:description "$three $bar $thousands $dollars $from 1998 $through 2000"
http://example.org/myfoo dc:publisher "Example Organization"
http://example.org/myfoo dc:date "2000-04-11"
http://example.org/myfoo dc:format "image/svg+xml"
http://example.org/myfoo dc:language "en"
_:r1 rdf:type rdf:Bag
_:r1 rdf:_1 "Irving Bird"
_:r1 rdf:_2 "Mary Lambert"
http://example.org/myfoo dc:creator _:r1