SWAD-Europe Deliverable std 3.1: Dissemination and Exploitation: Factsheet

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W3C Semantic Web Advanced Development for Europe (SWAD-Europe)
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Workpackage description: 3: Dissemination and Exploitation
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Dissemination and Exploitation: Factsheet
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Dan Brickley
The Contractors undertake to provide a brief project Fact Sheet suitable for web publishing, within one month from the start of the project, and to maintain and update it until the Contract expiry date. The Fact Sheet will outline the project rationale and objectives, specify the project s technical baseline and intended target groups and application domains, and detail intermediate and final outputs. Said Fact Sheet will be used by the Commission for its own dissemination and awareness activities throughout the project lifecycle, and will be published on EC and EC sponsored websites.
This factsheet is based on the project overview document, with a number of amendments. danbri

Factsheet Deliverable

The initial version of the Factsheet is published on the SWAD-Europe Web site: http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/factsheet/.

Revisions of the Factsheet will be made available at that URL.