SWAD-Europe deliverable 12.1.6: Open Demonstrator 2: Semantic Portals demonstrator

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Semantic Web Advanced Development for Europe (SWAD-Europe)
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12.1 Open Demonstrators
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12.1.6 Semantic Portals demonstrator
Dave Reynolds,  HP Laboratories, Bristol, UK
The Semantic Portals demonstrator is now available. This is the second open demonstrator in the SWAD-Europe project.

First release.

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Semantic Portals Demonstrator

A first release of the Semantic Portals Demonstrator is available at the following url: http://www.swed.org.uk/

The demonstration shows a directory of Environmental organizations ("Semantic Web Environmental Directory") built using the Semantic Portals approach. The portal software and associated documentation is available as part of the "Technical Resources" section of the web site.

Incremental improvements will continue to be made to the demonstrator.

Related work includes 12.1.5: Semantic Portals - Requirements Specification