Workpackage description: 12.2: Annotations demonstrator

Workpackage number: 12.2

Start date or starting event: Month 1

Lead Partner: W3C-ERCIM (2)

Participant short name: ILRT W3C-ERCIM CCLRC HP STILO
Participant number: 1 2 3 4 5
Person-months per participant: 6 5 0 0 0

Total number of deliverables: 2


Description of work

Annotating can be a means for different communities to create Semantic Web data. RDF is very well suited to describing the general structure of annotating, because at a fundamental level it enables the representation of properties and values assigned to properties, and because it also enables the description of data about the act of annotation. One particular schema that might be used is EARL, the W3C accessibility testing schema which allows annotating evaluation and processing of web pages for, amongst other things, their accessibility. This workpackage will use the Open Source/Free Software Annotea annotations server to store and serve annotations with semantic content in addition to the html content currently used. The workpackage will create or adapt one or more annotation creation tools to generate annotations to be stored on the server, and use or adapt tools such as Amaya and Anozilla to display the annotations.