Workpackage description: 1: Project Management

Workpackage number : 1

Start date or starting event: Month 1

Lead Partner: ILRT (1)

Participant short name: ILRT W3C-ERCIM CCLRC HP STILO
Participant number: 1 2 3 4 5
Person-months per participant: 20 5 2 2 2

Total number of deliverables: 13


The objective of this work package is to ensure that the project meets its objectives within budget and scheduled timescales. Tasks will include monitoring project progress, tracking deliverables and reporting back to the consortium. The project coordinator will also report to the EC and will be responsible for management and progress reports, costs statements, and the final project report to the EC. This work package is complemented by WP5.1, which will provide overall direction of the more technical aspects of the work.

Description of work

The overall project management is provided by the coordinating contractor via a project manager and other administrative and financial control resources required to oversee the project as a whole. The project manager will be responsible for the overall planning and monitoring of the work of the consortium and will track deliverables and be responsible for the management and progress reports, cost statements and for the final report. The project manager will monitor that work (including internal and public project deliverables and milestones) is progressing according to the project plan and schedule of work. The project manager will maintain the plan and produce reports against the plan, and provide revisions of the plan (if necessary) as agreed by the project's management committee. Management reports and cost statements will be made by the partners individually on the basis of templates agreed amongst partners and made available through the project manager. These reports will form the basis of the management, progress and cost reports made by the project manager to be sent to the EC regularly. The project manager will organise management meetings for the Management Committee, formed to provide a forum for regular review of the project management by the partners. The project coordinator, in conjunction with work package leaders, will organise technical meetings where necessary to provide a forum for regular review of the work in progress in particular work packages. The project manager will be responsible for scheduling and organising meetings, for producing agendas and minutes and coordinating and, if necessary, circulating, discussion papers for the management meetings. The project manager will maintain an online archive of project documents and information ('the partners' Web space'), continuously accessible for the participants. The project manager will maintain the directory of email addresses and contact points for project partners. The project manager will be the main interface with the EC.


Note: we are including these standard deliverables in the main Description of Work, so that they can be more easily incorporated into a complete overview of the project's work.