Who speaks my language?

This is just a form that talks to LIbby Miller's squish query service.

you can add data to the demonstration database or your own database.

See the Known Bugs listing before experimenting with your own queries and/or data. A query language overview is also available.

Edit the queries (or source data URI in the FROM clause) to experiment with the Squish syntax for RDF query.

You can make a template that the variables get put into, but it's messy...

Query Language summary

The RDF query server used by these forms accepts the following query language, similar to R. V. Guha's RDFDB QL:

SELECT variables

[FROM url, url]

WHERE (pred variable/string variable/string) .... () () [AND constraint] [USING predString FOR predUrl]

variables must start with a ? and contain no spaces

the arguments to FROM are urls which are de-serialized and treated as the basis for the query. If there is no FROM clause the a default database will be used.

pred can be a predicate string e.g dc::title or a full property name. If a predicate string, add on a USING clause to specify what the predicate string stands for (e.g. USING dc FOR http://purl.org/dc/1.1/)

constraints can be variable > | < | = | > =| < = | ~ value where value should be an integer, except in the case of ~ where it should be a string

This is being scribbled up by Charles McCN, but the underlying work was done by