SWAD-Europe Annotea tools readme

This page provides basic information about the Annotea tools developed as part of work package 12.2 of the SWAD-Europe project.

The tools are written as ruby programs, and are available for re-use or adaptation under the terms of the W3C software license. Unless otherwise noted these tools have been tested against the W3C experimental annotea service, and against Brent Hendricks' Zope-based server. Currently available are the following:

This tool retrieves annotation information from the specified server, optionally using a supplied username and pasword. It returns the information as XML/RDF.
Creates the RDF to be posted for an annotation, given URI's which point to the object to e annotated and the annotation itself. Optional parameters are a creator (the script defaults to a creator of "anonymous coward" - a standard phrase in annotation systems which record provenance) and the type of annotation (otherwise defaulted to "comment").
Posts an annotation to an Annotea server, calling on annomake.rb to create the RDF information.
Gets EARL annotations for a specified URI, using a specified server or W3C's experimental EARL-only Annotea server. This is an example of using the algae query language to specify criteria for the annotation data to be returned.