AUTHOR: Debbie Newman(debbien@microsoft.com)
VERSION: 01/31/2001, v1
MODULE: Timing and Synchronization Module/Elements
Feature: timeContainer
FILE NAME: media_timeContainer_par.htm
MEDIA COMPONENTS: videos/coffee.mpg (natural duration is 10.83 seconds)
0-2 seconds: nothing
2-4 seconds: video plays and moves left
4-6 seconds: video continues to play and moves diagonally left and down
at 6 seconds: video jumps to original top
6-8 seconds: video continues to play and moves left
8-12.8 seconds: the video continues to play but does not move
at 12.8 seconds: the video ends and is removed

SAMPLE CODE: <t:video begin="2" src="../videos/coffee.mpg" timeContainer="par" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0" > <t:animate attributeName="left" dur="6" from="200" to="0" /> <t:animate attributeName="top" begin="2" dur="2" from="0" to="100" /> </t:video