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Author: Aaron Cohen (Intel), Jeff Boston (IBM)
           Version: May 1, 2001
            Module: Timing and Synchronization
           Feature: Interval logic and multiple begins with negative offset
         File Name: interval_logic_multiple_begins_negative_offset.smil
  Media Components: 2 QT, 1 JPG
 Expected Behavior: at t=9  video2 starts 4 seconds into the video.
                          at t=10 smile appears.
                          at t=10 video1 starts.
                        at t=15 video2 disappears.
                        at t=19 video1 disappears.
                        at t=20 smile disappears.
<smil xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/SMIL20/Language">
                <img id="smile" begin="10s" dur="10s"
                <par id="par1" begin="0s;10s" dur="9s">
                        <video id="video1" begin="smile.begin" dur="10s"
                <video id="video2" begin="video1.begin-5s" dur="10s"