Copyright: Copyright 1998-2001 W3C (MIT, INRIA, Keio), All Rights Reserved.
See http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/.
Author: Aaron M. Cohen   
         File Name: layout-backgroundColor-fit.smil
  Media Components: 1 JPG
 Expected Behavior: Tests backgroundColor, values of fit.
                    Show smile in windows which use (right to left, top to bottom):
                    fill, hidden, meet, slice
                    fill: image stretched to fill region, no background color red visible.
                    hidden: image aligned to upper left, right and bottom filled with blue.
                    meet: image scaled to touch right side, bottom filled with green.
                    slice: image scaled to touch bottom, right side overflows region.
<smil xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/SMIL20/Language">
        <layout type="text/smil-basic-layout">
            <root-layout width="800" height="800"/>
            <region id="r1" top="0" left="0" height="400" width="400" backgroundColor="red" fit="fill"/>
            <region id="r2" top="0" left="50%" height="400" width="400" backgroundColor="blue" fit="hidden"/>
            <region id="r3" top="50%" left="0" height="400" width="400" backgroundColor="green" fit="meet"/>
            <region id="r4" top="50%" left="50%" height="400" width="400" backgroundColor="yellow" fit="slice"/>
        <par dur="5s">
            <img region="r1" src="../images/smile.jpg"/>
            <img region="r2" src="../images/smile.jpg"/>
            <img region="r3" src="../images/smile.jpg"/>
            <img region="r4" src="../images/smile.jpg"/>