RubyRDF Debian Packaging

by Dan Brickley <>

see RubyRDF Wiki for possibly more recent notes.

package metadata: control

Machinery for packaging rubyrdf-ruby debian package.

How it works: is a pre-generated config file for the ruby installer, install.rb. This determines where the installed files get put, and decides this once and for all at packaging time, not at install time. If we want to vary where the files go, we need to make a different Debian package.

Useful info

if it installs in wrong place for your Ruby to find... ruby -I /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.6/ rdftest.rb danbri-foaf.rdf ...should work as a stopgap.

in debian-file/debian/rules we have:

libdir := $(shell ruby -r rbconfig -e 'print Config::CONFIG["rubylibdir"]')

...this should probably be hardcoded, for safety. On my box the value is '/usr/lib/ruby/1.6/'.

which ruby stuff is installed?:

dpkg -l \*ruby\*|more


 ruby -rrbconfig -e "puts Config::CONFIG['archdir']"
 ruby -rrbconfig -e "puts Config::CONFIG.inspect"

The Makefile: this could be tidier and more makefiley in spirit...


see also Fink/macosx *.info file

Not currently believed to work.


So here's the story... the rules in the debian/ directory control where things get created. look in the tmp/ subdir to see what it'll do to your system, or use dpkg -c <packagefile.deb> to see contents of the generated .deb

problem is that this is all done once on the packaging machine, and not on the unpacking machine. So we'll need to make a version of the package for each major version of Ruby in Debian. Bummer. alternative would be to have a pre-install script generate a custom deb package locally, but then we'd need all sorts of debian packaging cruft installed on the machines of everyone who wanted to _install_ the package. So division of labour suggests that its easier for package owner to take the hit of rebuilding the package for different ruby releases. Blech.

seealso: dpkg -c blah-blah.deb

 ruby -r rbconfig -e 'print Config::CONFIG["rubylibdir"]'; echo
 apt-cache search ruby| grep xml

see debian-files/debian/control for my package description. we have a suggested dependency on the xml parser should do same re rdbms stuff, dbi?

re packaging, seealso:

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