RDF Core Subgroup on RDF Primer Meeting Notes

The following are the meeting notes from the RDF Core subgroup working on the RDF Primer. The goals of this meeting included the initial review the rough draft and to establish shared context regarding scope, audience, structure and outline and related related documents that might be of interest. Further, to establish general agreement and shared context on these sections, and to begin to partition the work load in order to reach a mid-late Oct deadline for a public first draft.

Teleconference announcement, the meeting was held on 2001-09-27



Meeting Notes

The RDF Primer document that was discussed was:

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There was general agreement that there were at least 2 broad audience categories (1) end users that want to better understand the capabilities of benefits of RDF and (2) people that are building applications/sites/tools and want to better understand the details of RDF and more importantly how to use it now. General agreement seemed to target the people that "have 2 weeks to deploy something in RDF, how do I:

An elevator speech (1, 3, 5 min explanations) was agreed to be of use for the first category of people. Ora and Eric agreed to start working on this. Due to the fact that both are traveling next week, they agreed to have something available two weeks from the meeting date.

The wasn't general agreement on how to address the second category of people. Essays and the description of real world examples/scenarios of how/why RDF is being used was mentioned as possible appendices. Martyn agreed to write up his router example (possibly as a appendix in primer, but if not certainly as real world examples linked off the RDF home page). Bill and Eric talked about weaving a progressive Web Service in RDF example thought the document.

There was not enough time to talk about the specifics of the outline, however everyone seem to agree to support the general structure outlined in section 5.2 in http://www.w3.org/2001/09/rdfprimer/rdf-primer-20010927. Further the following people have agreed to start working on the various portions of this section.

No future teleconference has been scheduled at this time.

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11:05:15 <em> not a  problem gk...
11:05:28 <em> -- http://www.w3.org/2001/09/rdfprimer/
11:05:52 <em> for latest version of outline
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11:09:05 <em> people on bridge
11:09:09 <em> +ora
11:09:11 <em> +em
11:09:21 <em> +martyn
11:09:24 <em> +frank
11:10:25 <em> +sean
11:12:12 <em> lol!
11:12:22 <em> +bill
11:18:11 *  gk Link testing. It's gone v quiet
11:18:16 *  em introduction
11:18:29 <em> discussing model to rdf schema
11:18:43 <em> question: focus on SW or RDF
11:18:54 <em> question: how formal of a document will this actually be?
11:19:12 <em> observation... if working draft or note, perhaps this is not the best thing
11:19:26 <gk> Focus: RDF, no?
11:19:27 <em> Sean...
11:19:39 <gk> Formal: not very, methinks
11:19:40 <em> Martyn... important to focus on RDF
11:20:09 <em> Martyn... important to give people enough people enough context... 
11:21:08 <em> Martyn... set of essays...
11:22:45 <em> Ora... one part of the primer... the official elevator speach
11:22:51 <em> why we want to use rdf
11:23:29 <em> plus want to provide the ability to get hands dirty... 
11:25:24 <em> important to have seperate entry points
11:25:40 <em> +pat
11:28:28 <em> Frank... there are at least 2 briad catagories
11:28:35 <em> 1) end users of the capabilities of RDF
11:28:54 <em> (these are the people that will pay for this)
11:29:09 <em> 2) people that are building sites... will have to figure out the guts
11:30:04 <gk> ... and application and tool developers???
11:30:22 <em> ora... tryes to deal with educating people that don't neccessarily live on th web the whole time
11:30:55 <em> Sean... those are the kinds of people i point the specs out
11:32:17 <em> Common theme to at least to provide the elevator speak
11:32:56 <em> Martyn... i think there is a resistence to the concepts of the web
11:33:09 <em> s/is a/is not a
11:33:18 <em> quick question... what does it gain me
11:33:38 <em> developers for rdf tools
11:33:58 <em> Frank... just to follow up Ora's point... 
11:34:07 <em> RDF and not XML is very important to nail down
11:34:38 <em> Bill... what I get asked enough... why would I bother doing it this way
11:35:04 <em> when I can do it a simpler way
11:35:51 <gk> My answer to Bill:  XML that is also RDF compiant is not significantly harder than just XML, for a specialized application.  The possible benefit comes later
11:38:02 <em> Bill... property driven search 
11:39:31 <em> pat... political point
11:41:08 <em> important to make sure tone... relationships with RDF and XML
11:42:22 <em> Ora... why not just use XML example...
11:42:32 *  em discusses Frank VH example at IJCAI
11:46:18 <em> Ora... take a stab at basic elevator speach 
11:46:27 <em> Eric... take a stab as well
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12:13:37 <em> Frank... I'd like to write something on the basic data model... ' - Basic Data Model'
12:13:48 <em> Pat, would like to help Frank
12:14:15 <em> Bill... I'd like to won '- Reification'
12:14:25 <em> Ora... I can take a stab at the Typing System
12:14:35 <em> Sean... ' - Light Weight Ontology Support'
12:17:28 <em> Frank... combining     - @@ Ontology Language (Web Ont?) @@
12:17:28 <em>     - @@ Roll your own (DAML?) @@ and  take  a crack at it.
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12:21:52 *  gk Is there a log of the remaining discussion?
12:25:33 <em> gk, the meeting is over, but I'll update this log and send this out
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