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This document provides an overview of some work on Schema language convergence. Specificially, it provides some technical references for developers who ask the frequently asked question "Why do we have both an RDF Schema language and an XML Schema language.



Since 1997/8, W3C has been working in parallel on both an RDF Schema language and an XML Schema language. During August 1999, W3C convened a meeting of working group members from the XML and RDF groups to discuss the relationship between RDF Schema and XML Schema, and more broadly, between RDF and XML. The immediate result of that meeting was the Cambridge Communique W3C Note. Work has subsequently proceeded on both XML and RDF Schema; this document summarises some recent developments.

Additional background material can be found in the W3C Note Describing and Exchanging Data (June 1999). That document provides an overview of the RDF and XML information models, and outlines some possible areas of convergence and mutual interest.

Recent Work

Since the Cambridge Communique, work has progressed both on the key specifications (XML Schema is now a Recommendation; RDF Core WG has been chartered) as well as on implementations. While there is no W3C specification for anything like a "unified schema language", various technical issues are now clearer than they were in 1999.

RDF and XML: many relationships

RDF and XML are related in many ways. (@@todo: find references. I'm listing everything I can think of here first)


Links to published implementations belong here


XGraph doc has some details; xml proc w/shop paper; ...

A Story about RDF and XML


thanks for suggestions / feedback / content to: Aaron Swartz, ....

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