Position Paper to W3C Forum Workshop Web Services

Mr. Toni Sormunen (Nokia Mobile Internet Technical Architecture)


Recent developments in World Wide Web and Mobile Terminals have created new opportunities for telecom operators, service providers and also equipment and software manufacturers. This opportunity is in many occasions referred as to Mobile Internet. In Mobile Internet different types of mobile terminals have seamless and continuous connection to various services.

Application and service interoperability has become the key in achieving seamless end user experience. Furthermore, key to rapid market growth of new wireless applications and services will be the acceptance and deployment of applications built on open standards. Companies who are investing into new application and service platforms must see that competition and changes in the marketplace will not affect investments made in current application and service platforms, nor inhibit any future plans.

Keys to interoperability issues are

Workshop on Web Services is important industry event and an excellent start for solving of these issues. The experience brought to the table should give us a view how industry is proceeding on Web services sector. There should be various companies with quite different positions and backgrounds attending to this workshop by increasing the total potential of the meeting. The topics of the workshop cover various complex issues, and will potentially lead to new area specific workshops.

In general, it is our expectation that this workshop would help W3C in the future to take an active role in articulating interoperability requirements for web services regarding (but not limited to) the abovementioned topics and priorise them. Specific actions emerging from this workshop could include (but are not limited to) a W3C working group on service interoperability, industry discussion on web service interoperability, and hopefully an industry agreement on new activities that would eventually lead to seamlessly interoperable service creation platforms and tools.

toni.sormunen@nokia.com 12/03/01