Abstract for Workshop on Quality Assurance at W3C - April 2001

Katie Haritos-Shea

Paradigm Solutions Corporation

Uncle Sam's Disabled 508 Implementation

As a web-developer contractor and the Section 508 Coordinator, working for a US Government agency, I am seeing the realities of IT Accessibility Implementation, in all of it's...........(NOT).......glory !!

My task is to ensure through testing, that the agency and all of it's EIT people are aware of the Section 508 standards created by the Access Board, create stategies for training, implemetation and remediation, and, keep the CIO up to speed on how it's all going.

My experience with federal government thus far, has shown me that
MEASURABLE goals...........set and acheived, is high on the priority list.

Therefore, this government is more apt to accept and appreciate (en mass) standards/guidelines from a group that have put those same through traditional QA testing.