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W3C QA Workshop - April 3-4 2001

Position Papers list



Author(s) Title
1 TMF Alex Rousskov HTTP Compliance and W3C QA
2 Microsoft Corporation Allen Brown Quality Assurance, Interoperability and Conformance
3 The Open Group Andrew Thackrah, James de Raeve Testing and Certification, The Open Group
4 Virtual Summit Inc. Chris Kirk Testing and diagnostic tool for XML
5 ETSI Anthony Wiles ETSI Position Statement for W3C Quality Assurance Workshop
6 W3C Charles McCathieNevile ATAG
7 IBM Corporation David Marston Conformance testing and Recommendation clarity
8 Improve Dimitri Dimitriadis Dom Test Suite Process
9 WAI, Visually Impaired Computer Users' Group of New York City Gregory J. Rosmaita Importance of QA
10 W3C Henry Thompson XML Schema
11 Exodus Performance Labs John Williams Exodus Performance Labs
12 Mozquito Technologies AG Josef Dietl A W3C QA Activity: Why, How, What
13 OASIS Karl Best OASIS and QA
14 Paradigm Solutions Corporation Katie Shea Uncle Sam's Disabled 508 Implementation
15 OASIS Ken Holman OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Technical Committee
16 Lofton Henderson SVG and WebCGM Test Suites
17 NIST Mark Skall, Mary Brady, and Lynne Rosenthal NIST and QA
18 Microsoft Paul Cotton XML Query
19 O'Reilly Peter Wiggin User point of view
20 Real Networks Inc Rob Lanphier Real on W3C's QA
21 A Robert Neff QA and Web
22 Boeing Scott R. Vesey Needs of Companies if the field of QA
23 W3C Susan Lesch Quality of W3C publications
24 Cigital Tara Swaminatha Privacy Enhancing Technology / Guidelines and Testing Methodology
25 Ilog Thierry Kormann The experience of the Batik team in implementing W3C's specifications
26 Microsoft Markus Mielke Internet Explorer
27 Netscape communications Christine Hoffman Netscape