WG Mechanics


Requirements Document
Provides testable motivations for specification
Published as a W3C Note (less process), will evolve
Chair solicits an editor
XML Protocol Specification
Describes XP in prose, and formally, e.g. as an XML Schema
Validated by implementation experience (Candidate Recommendation phase)
    Two interoperable implementations
en route ....
Working Drafts of specification (and Requirements Document)
    Publication "heartbeat" at least every 3 months
    Will be public, and generate feedback
    First publications require Director's approval
Last Call WD: requirements satisfied, solicit W3C-wide and public feedback
Candidate Recommentation WD: publically solicit implementation feedback
Proposed Recommendation WD: requirements, last-call issues, implementation satisfied
Issue List
Tracks technical issues not yet decided
Promote common vocabulary/understanding
Requirements document, and/or Working Drafts

How: Communications

Mailing lists
Weekly, agenda posted beforehand on w3-xml-protocol-wg
Minutes posted after grace period on member-list on xml-dist-app
Chair's discretion to remove member-confidential material from minutes
Chair solicits scribe
Limited bandwidth! (IRC Channel may be helpful)
Day and time: Wednesdays at 8a PST/11a EST/5p MET, for 60 minutes
Three or more per year, agenda and minutes as telcons
One or two public f2f meetings per year
Chair solicits suggestions for time/place of public f2f
Next f2f, Redmond WA, December 13-14, Microsoft hosting
Chair solicits suggestions for time/place of next two f2f (~March 2001, ~June 2001)

How: Process

Large Group!
Group may be subdivided, e.g. subgroup to propose message envelope
Consistent participation necessary for group success, W3C notion of "good standing"
Decision Making
W3C preference for Consensus
Straw polls, formal votes, etc
    Polls and votes recorded in minutes
Dissent may be registered
Minimise formal voting, rules to be posted
Style, "Rules of Order"
Issue put forward
Discuss (speakers list)
Formulate alternatives
Poll alternatives, reduce number, iterate
SOAP role
WG Charter:
"The Working Group shall start by developing a requirements document, and then evaluate the technical solutions proposed in the SOAP/1.1 submission against these requirements. If in this process the Working Group finds solutions that are agreed to be improvements over solutions suggested by SOAP 1.1, those improved solutions should be used."


Oct 9F2F: 11-12th
Oct 161st draft of Req Doc
Oct 23
Oct 302nd draft of Req Doc
Nov 6Director Review
Nov 13Publish Req Doc as Note
Nov 20US Thanksgiving
Nov 27
Dec 4
Dec 11F2F: 13-14th
Dec 18Christmas
Dec 25Christmas/New Year
JanuaryPublish 1st WD of XP Spec
MarchF2F ?
AprilCR WD of XP Spec
JuneF2F ?
AugustPR WD of XP Spec