Minutes of Transport Binding Task Force, 13 February 2002.


Updated Action item list

Eds. to identify TBTF to-do's/ed notes in spec, in time for next call
GD propose text for resolving 33 by CoB

DF add 103, 33, 50, 57, 44, 16, 113, security text to next WG agenda
HFN will send revised resolution text for 103 to dist-app
GD to send 33 text to dist-app
GD to write up 44 resolution text
HMM to send 50 and 57 resolution text to
DF to ping SW on nature of responses

Discussion of 103 proposal from HFN

Revised text is recommended to WG.

iscussion of 33 proposal form GD

Rec this proposal to WG

Issue 50 and 57

TBTF decided that resolution of both issues can be achieved by pointing to
the draft Email Binding document.

Issue 44

TBTF decided to recommend to not actually deisgn a correlation ID, but to
further explain how such an extension can be designed with reference to the
bindings and extensions mechanisms.

Decide date of next TBTF telcon

decided not to schedule another call before the f2f. Anything that emerges
before the f2f should be taken to email. If there is an urgent need, we can
schedule a call.
Outstanding items
-- spec text
ed. note in Pt1 5.1 POSTPONED, discussion on email
ed. note in Pt2 7.1.6 POSTPONED, follow up after 137 etc
general proof reading and completion of Pt1 sec 5, Pt2 secs 5,6,7