Minutes of Encoding Task Force, 28 January 2002.


  1. Outstanding action items:
  2. Discussion on when the next telcon should be
    Monday Mon Feb 4 2002, 8.30-9.30 PT
    Chair: Marc Hadley
  3. Discussion
  4. Closed Issues
    Subsumed by Asir's item - DF contact Schema experts re issue #163 
    Done - JK contact Asir about i167 - whether it still stands and what it
    actually means 
    Done - MH write a response to Gudge's email; propose to remove Schema
    from Encoding examples, add C-style code; in connection with issue 17 
    ??? JK to write the proposal for 168 that if a receiver cannot get the
    type, it MAY fault with the subcode enc:UntypedValue 
    Done - HFN to change the "object" to "node" in data model text