Minutes of Transport Binding Task Force, 25 January 2002.


Updated Action item list

HFN to inform editors that ed. note in Pt2 8.1 is now handled and to verify
    correct media type
DF to tell WG about decision regarding publication vehicle for email
ALL look through 'discussion' issues (33 57 102 103 133 165 178) and
    volunteer to resolve one or more
NM send email with compromise proposal for feature/binding

Status of Email/SMTP binding

-- general
status is available in that subteam's mtg minutes
they notably decided (i) that a reply will be in a addt'l message rather
than in an MDN, and (ii) to change the name of the binding from "STMP" to
"Email", in the spirit of RFC2822

-- placement of content, discuss suggestion from PCotton for a Note
TBTF decided to recommend the following:
the Email binding will be described in a Note
the Note will state that the WG should consider taking up the binding for
further consideration at a later date
the Primer will provide some basic binding information

Discussion of feature/binding issue

Decided date of next TBTF telcon is tuesday 29 Jan at 730a PST