Minutes of Encoding Task Force, 19 November 2001.


  1. Updated list of action items:
  2. Discussion of remaining issues assigned to ETF. DF noted that f2f agenda contains summary of remaining issues, and proposed assigning (without further discussion) the editorial issues to the ETF participants. ETF agreed and these issues are now all assigned. By the end of the telcon, the only remaining issues that the ETF had not touched are: 163, 164, 167, 168.
  3. Discussion of 171. ETF largely agreed with Jacek's proposal, some concern whether excluded attribute types should be prohibited, i.e. raise errors, or ignored. Decided on the latter for better backward compatibility. See action item.
  4. Discussion of Jacek's proposed resolution of issue #144. Noted that discussion on how much SOAP encoding defines ultimately becomes a "black hole" because it impinges on application defined semantics. Such "black-hole" discussions have led some to opine that sparese arrays should be omitted altogether. PC suggested the compromise that is embodied in the action item, above.
  5. Discussion on 159 and 166. The proposal being embodied in the action item, above, is a generally agreed upon resolution stemming from extensive dist-app discussions.
  6. Discussion on 97. ETF members recalled that the XMLP WG had dealt with this issue previously but during the telcon could not find records of this discussion. See action item, above.
  7. Next ETF meeting. Decided to discuss (and possibly hold) this at the f2f.