Minutes of Transport Binding Task Force, 15 November 2001.


1. Go around the table to hear views on how to proceed in light of the
upcoming XMLP WG f2f meeting.
HMM: uncomfortable with presenting the 3 documents (various versions of
framework introduction, single-request-response MEP description, HTTP
binding in the style of the framework and the s-r-r MEP) without a
completed introduction and examples
HFN: binding discussions have not progressed since the last f2f and we need
to finish soon, suggest scaling back TBTF efforts, perhaps setting a
hard-stop date
YL: current documents are headed in the right direction, examples are
NM: scaling back introduces problems of its own and so NM is reluctant to
scale back too far, notes there are some fundamental issues we have not
been able to agree on, suggest we figure out what fundamental issues we can
agree on and then use such agreements to move the existing docs forward
GD: fairly happy with existing docs, strong proponent of adding examples,
adding examples into the existing docs would make them suitable for
presentation at the f2f; thinsk the TBTF is not actually so far away from
agreement and spending f2f time would resolve many issues
MJ: critically need to be able to distinguish bindings from other objects
such as applications, we don't have a clear picture of where a binding
begins and ends; f2f time would be helpful
SW: fairly happy with 3 docs, doesn't know how the larger WG will view
them, unsure how to proceed

2. NM proposed a compromise description of bindings in which they are part
of a distributed state machine, and named/typed features are non-normative.
There was no disagreement on this description. He will provide a detailed
description in the next couple of days which the TBTF will integrate with
the existing intor doc. HFN volunteered to help with this editing. HMM and
other will ensure NM has the most recent version of the intro doc.

3. DF proposed that the TBTF present the revised intro doc at the f2f,
along with descriptions of the outstanding questions that the TBTF needs to
decide, and examples of MEPs and bindings drawn from the MEP and HTTP
binding docs. GD volunteered to give this presentation. The revised intro
doc is to be made available to the WG prior to the f2f meeting.

4. TBTF agreed to another telcon on tuesday Nov 20, from 830a-1030a PST.
HFN to set up call.