Minutes of Encoding Task Force, 12 November 2001.

Asir Vedamuthu
Jacek Kopecky
Paul Cotton
David Fallside
Marc Hadley

1. Updated list of action items:
-- PaulC will propose changes to spec and primer to resolve #17
-- Asir to summarise "sparse arrays" email thread to identify any new
issues, by next telcon
-- All: review Jacek's proposed resolution for issue #144 [1], in time for
next telcon
-- David to start prioritising ETF issues
-- David to offline contact BarbaraP to request concrete demonstrations to
evidence lack of suitability
-- David to put 169 and 170 on xmlp agenda
-- PaulC setup telcon for Monday 19 Nov, 9-10.30a PST

2. Discussion of 3 issues derived from #18: 169, 170, 171
-- 169. ETF members, except Asir, wish to keep forward references. Asir
believes they pose an undue burden on receivers, other ETF members
disagree. Issue will be taken to XMLP WG telcon for decision, and it will
be posed in terms of changing the status quo (forward refs are status quo).
-- 170, No one objected to accepting (b) in [1, see detailed point (2)]
with body as a whole rather than body blocks. Will be taken to XMLP WG.

POSTPONED 3. Discussion of Jacek's proposed resolution of issue #144

POSTPONED 4. Schedule of work
This will be informed by DF's issues prioritisation

5. Schedule next telcon, identify volunteer to report at WG telcon
See action item
David will report

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/xml-dist-app/2001Oct/0231.html