Minutes of Encoding Task Force, 6 November 2001.

Current list of action items
-- All: discuss when/how/why use Schema to help resolution of issue #17
-- Asir to summarise "sparse arrays" email thread to identify any new
issues, by next telcon
-- All: review Jacek's proposed resolution for issue #144 [4] (in time for
next telcon)
-- David to start prioritising ETF issues
-- David to offline contact DanB/BarbaraP to request concrete
demonstrations to evidence lack of suitability
-- jacek write up up proposal for resolving 18
-- jacek put the other 3 issues on list which were spun out from 18
-- paul to set up telcon for monday 12 Nov, 9-10a PST

Asir Vendamuthu
Marc Hadley
Paul Cotton
David Fallside (scribe)
Jacek Kopecky

1. Review of action items

2. Discusison of issue #18
Asir reported back on discussions with his developers: (a) multiref w/
frefs requires 2 pass, (b) frefs are not required for anything, (c) frefs
might be a sep issue, (d) ???

PaulC's developers disagreed, (a) that 2 passes are required, (b) frefs are
not required for cyclic graphs

ETF agreed to propose resolution of issue #18 by represent multirefs as
embedded elements rather than as separate elements.

[4] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/xml-dist-app/2001Oct/0231.html