Minutes of Encoding Task Force, 15 October 2001.

Asir Vedamuthu
Marc Hadley
Paul Cotton
Jacek Kopecky
David Fallside (scribe)

1. Review of pending action items
DF, sparse arrays email; Pending
JK, issue 144 resolution proposal; Pending
PC, send reference to algorithm; Done
JK, SOAPBldrs email re. inline multiref; Done
DF, RDF email; Pending
AV, setup telcon; Done
PC, issue 29 email; Done. Regarding the response received from DBrickley to
this email, PC stated that his use (or lack thereof) of "encoding" may have
misled the respondent.
[2] Action: JK will respond to DBrickley, more carefully positioning the
SOAP Encoding and Data Model.

2. Review of issues not yet covered (from JK's list [1])
-- Issue 17, discussion of encoding usage. We discussed what is meant by
this issue, noting the issue's age and the opening "vague" intorduction.
Agreed that originator wants to know when and how to use SOAP encoding with
and w/out schema, and when and how to use SOAP with and w/out SOAP encoding
and data model. The TF thought that some guidance could usefully be
provided in the Primer, and the Encoding and Data Model sections in the
spec should reference other places in the spec where they are used, e.g. in
Action: someone from the ETF (tbd) should write outline notes for the spec
and Primer editors outlining text to go into the spec and Primer that would
provide such guidance. The editors would be asked to write the actual text
based on the outline notes. It was further suggested that this action be
done after action [2] above, to take advantage of overlap.

-- Issue 30, references to outside data. Agreed this is an editorial issue.
Agreed that where the spec mentions the use of href, there should be added
a sentence or two saying that the href can refer to referents both within
and without the envelope.
Action: JK to send email to spec editors telling them of this agreement

Action: AV setup next telcon, 8a PDT, friday, Oct 19

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/xml-dist-app/2001Oct/0055.html