Minutes of Encoding Task Force, 11 October 2001.

Jacek Kopecky
Asir Vendamuthu
Paul Cotton
David Fallside (chair, scribe)

Marc Hadley sent regrets

1. David laid out his assumption for how the ETF would work, specifically,
working through the issues pertaining to encoding. Noted that Jacek's list
[1] seemed to be the most comprehensive list to date. The telcon was
largely spent going through the issues on J's list, assigning action items
to make progress on these issues' resolutions.

2. With regard the issues on J's list:
-- issue 1, illegal encodings. Paul will post a reference to an algorithm
for resolving this issue.
-- issue 18/121, top-level is unclear/should multirefs be inline. J will
post to SOAPBuilders asking for their opinion on multirefs being inline.
-- issue 29, non-serialisable data. Paul will post to dist-app asking
whether there are data models that are not serialisable using SOAP. David
noted there is interest along these lines from the RDF WG area. David will
post a message on dist-app seeking clarification on problems/requirements
on representing RDF in SOAP messages.
-- issue "#xx" (see email [1]). This issue exists as #144. J is to post a
proposed resolution.

3.  With regard issues outside J's list:
-- Asir noted that he had previously tried to bring up an issue on dist-app
although it had not made it to the issues list. He will repost his issue.
-- David noted there had been a long thread on dist-app on "sparse arrays",
and we should look into whether it contained any substantive issue. David
took an action to summarise the thread to help us decide whether there
exists an issue(s).

4. The ETF agreed to meet again on monday 15th Oct from 9-10a PDT. Asir
will set up the call.

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/xml-dist-app/2001Oct/0055.html