Minutes of Transport Binding Task Force, 24 September 2001.


Status of actions assigned at last telcon.
1. SW MEP writeup is completed
2. HFN HTTP binding writeup is not done. HFN agreed to produce text by CoB
3. General review of Framework document is not done.
TBTF agreed to set up next call on Sept 28.

SW described his MEP proposal which it appears most TBTF members have _not_
read. People were generally positive about the direction of the proposal.
There was discussion about the suitability of including references to
Attachments in the MEP writeup, and also questions that appeared to stem
from misunderstandings of the underlying assumptions behind the proposal.

The TBTF asked SW to continue work on the proposal, and in particular to:
(i) make clear the distinctions between "framework-stuff" and "MEP-stuff"
(ii) remove concepts related to Attachments