XMLP Working Group Transport Binding Task Force Teleconference: 13 August 2001, 10.30am-12pm EDT



Review of First Cut

Stuart, Noah and Hugo provided email feedback to First Cut.

Henrik provided a properties analysis of HTTP, SMTP and TCP.

?.destination - There may be a need to have 2 uri properties, one determining the binding spec, the other being the messaging endpoint. Binding should be known to the sending node.

SOAP.ENV will allow users of ebXML and WSDL constructs to communicate transaction choreography and application orchestration within the envelope template, while the SOAP binding addresses message transport concerns.

Henrik - Atom should not be thought of as the MEP but should be derived from the Application.

Glen - A primer will be needed.

Noah - We do not want to design API's

There was no objection to the First Cut direction. There is a large amount of work ahead to resolve the open issues and pull together a spec to share with the larger WG. Not sure if we will be ready by the Face to Face in Sept.

Open Issues:

Next Steps

  1. TF Status to WG Wednesday, August 15 (Noah)
  2. TF emails distributed to dist-app (Hugo)
  3. Produce Request/Response HTTP/SMTP/TCP Sample Bindings (schematics) by Friday, Aug 17 - Keep issues in mind while working Samples
  4. Address Issues
  5. MEP Abstraction Prose/Structure
  6. Specific protocol instances and develop intermediary scenarios

It is not clear who will do the lion's share of this work. It could be the TF members or a group working in parallel.

Next meeting August 17, 11 EST/8 PST. David to set up this call.