XMLP Working Group Transport Binding Task Force Videoconference: 2 August 2001, 11am-7pm EDT


Original Agenda

1) First Cut Draft - Framework/Abstraction

2) Instance of at least one protocol binding

3) MEP (Message Exchange Pattern) Definition

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See also the IRC log.

1) First Cut Draft - Framework/Abstraction

The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the Binding Framework/Architecture. The group produced a diagram representation of the Binding Architecture. Noah created a pdf diagram of this architecture (version 1, version 2, version 3).

Highland and Henrik took the action to draft a description of this diagram by EOB Monday, August 6 (to be sent to dist-app - to be noted as a DRAFT).

2) Binding Instance - HTTP

Properties (sending side)

Message Role (request , response)

Transfer-Level URI

MEP - (request, response)(where and how to handle faults, etc)

Content Type - (text/xml,...)

HTTP Method (post, get, put)

Envelope (character encoding, char set)


HTTP Status Code (200, 500,...)

3) MEP Definition

The group ran out of time, but agreed that MEP Definition would have a framework of its own.

Next steps for TBTF

1)Text around Diagram - paragraph that came with agenda

Noah will edit picture again

Highland / Henrik - send to distapp as draft

2) Representation of properties in the abstract level

Glen - We need to be more rigorous in defining the binding properties

David - The group needs to map back to abstraction level