Minutes for the W3C XML Protocol Working Group Wednesday, 6 December, 2000, noon PST, duration 90 minutes.

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1. Roll call, scribes for minutes/action items

Akamai Technologies		Mark Nottingham		principal
Allaire				Simeon Simeonov		alternate
AT&T				Mark Jones		principal
Bowstreet			Alex Ceponkus		alternate
Calico Commerce			Rekha Nagarajan		principal
Canon				Jean-Jacques Moreau	principal
Commerce One			David Burdett		principal
Compaq				Yin-Leng Husband	principal
Compaq				Kevin Perkins		alternate
DataChannel			Yan Xu			principal
DevelopMentor			Martin Gudgin		principal
Engenia Software		Jeffrey Kay		principal
Fujitsu Software Corporation	Kazunori Iwasa		principal
Hewlett Packard			David Ezell		principal
Hewlett Packard			Stuart Williams		alternate
IBM				David Fallside		chair
IBM				John Ibbotson		principal
Informix Software		Soumitro Tagore		alternate
Intel				Randy Hall		principal
IONA Technologies		Oisin Hurley		principal
Jamcracker			David Orchard		principal
Library of Congress		Rich Greenfield		alternate
Lotus Development		Noah Mendelsohn		principal
Microsoft Corporation		Henrik Nielsen		principal
Mitre				Marwan Sabbouh		principal
Netscape			Vidur Apparao		principal
Netscape			Ray Whitmer		alternate
Oracle				David Clay		principal
Oracle				Jim Trezzo		alternate
Philips Research		Amr Yassin		alternate
Progress Software		Andrew Eisenberg	alternate
Rogue Wave			Murali Janakiraman	principal
SAP AG				Volker Wiechers		principal
Software AG			Michael Champion	principal
Sun Microsystems		Ed Mooney		principal
Tibco				Frank DeRose		principal
Unisys				Lynne Thompson		principal
Unisys				Nick Smilonich		alternate
Vitria Technology Inc.		Waqar Sadiq		principal
W3C				Yves Lafon		team contact
W3C				Hugo Haas		alt team contact
WebMethods			Randy Waldrop		principal
Xerox				Tom Breuel		alternate
XMLSolutions			Kevin Mitchell		principal

Allaire				Glen Daniels		principal
Bowstreet			James Tauber		principal
Canon				Herve Ruellan		alternate
Commerce One			Murray Maloney		alternate
DevelopMentor			Don Box			alternate
Engenia Software		Michael Freeman		alternate
Fujitsu Software Corporation	Jim Hughes		alternate
IBM				Fransisco Cubera	alternate
Informix Software		Charles Campbell	principal
IONA Technologies		Eric Newcomer		alternate
Library of Congress		Ray Denenberg		principal
Microsoft Corporation		Paul Cotton		alternate
Mitre				Paul Denning		alternate
Philips Research		Yasser alSafadi		principal
Progress Software		David Cleary		principal
Rogue Wave			Patrick Thompson	alternate
SAP AG				Gerd Hoelzing		alternate
Software AG			Dietmar Gaertner	alternate
Sun Microsystems		Mark Baker		alternate
Vitria Technology Inc.		Richard Koo		alternate
Xerox				Bill Anderson		principal
XMLSolutions			John Evdemon		alternate

DaimlerChrysler R. & Tech	Andreas Riegg		alternate
Data Research Associates	Mark Needleman		principal
Group 8760			Dick Brooks		ebXML contact
NCR				Vilhelm Rosenqvist	principal
OMG				Henry Lowe		principal

Active Data Exchange		Richard Martin		principal
Active Data Exchange		Eric Fedok		alternate
DaimlerChrysler R. & Tech	Mario Jeckle		principal
Epicentric			Bjoern Heckel		principal
Epicentric			Dean Moses		alternate
NCR				Lew Shannon		alternate

2. Agenda was reviewed. DavidF added 2 items for AOB (see #7).

3. Approval of minutes

Minutes for the 11/15 and 11/29 meetings were approved as submitted.

Modifications to public record of 11/15 and 11/29 meeting minutes:


  1. include list of attendees

Review action items

2000/11/15: Hugo Haas - done
Add Jim Trezzo to attendance list of last telcon and note that Mark Needleman and Henry Lowe sent regrets.
status: done
2000/11/15: Randy Hall
Make changes to the bridge link for the extended call.
status: done
2000/11/15: Henry Lowe
Contact Dick Brooks re: ebXML use cases.
status: not reported
2000/11/15: Glen Daniels
Lead a group converting DR805, R807, DR809, DR810 into use cases.
status: pending 2000/11/29: David Fallside
Send last week's minutes to the list and update attendance list.
status: done
2000/11/29: Hugo Haas
Figure out what the HTML diff tools can do.
status: done. Diff tools do not work with Netscape 4.0
2000/11/29: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
Send out annotation document by Thursday 30 November EOB
2000/11/29: Hugo Haas
Check whether use cases are required in a first published WD or whether we can add them later.
status: done. Use cases are not required.
2000/11/29: David Fallside
Send out f2f agenda for meeting Dec 13-14 by next phone conference
status: in fact, not due until end of day 12/6
2000/11/29: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
Talk to Martin Gudgin to accept an action item to generate a new revision of the glossary in time for next meeting.
status: still pending, however, glossary will be available Sunday
[WG committed to read the Glossary for the f2f, even though it will not be available until Sunday] night 12/10 and will be required reading for December f2f
2000/11/29: Tom Breuel
Look at new wording of 608 and send comments to list.
status: done
2000/11/29: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
Ask Paul about transport at f2f meeting.
status: still pending, so assume no transport available.
2000/11/30: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
Comment on use case format sent by DavidE
status: done
2000/11/30: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
Check with Paul Cotton on 4xx series
status: done
2000/11/30: Hugo Haas - done
Talk to Martin Dürst regarding i18n
status: done

5. XP Requirements (50 mins)

Text of requirements 608, 609 and 612 was agreed upon


"The XML Protocol binding mechanism should not preclude the possibility of constructing bindings to protocols that provide a security mechanism."

DR608 context

"Typical examples of such protocols are SSL providing a secure channel,and S/MIME which provides a secure wrapper. It should be possible to specify XP bindings for such security protocols."

Discussion centered around "must" vs "should" in requirement, which passed, and including SSL and S/MIME in requirements rather than context portion, which did not.


"The XP specification may mandate the use of a specific character encoding, such as UTF-8, at some point in the future."

DR609 Context

"The Working Group is aware of the complexity resulting in the use of a large set of character encodings and is actively seeking feedback in this area. Until all the feedback has been evaluated, the Working Group will not make a decision in favor of restriction."

Discussion centered around whether this should be a requirement at all, since this would be more restrictive than XML. However, it was felt that this was a weak enough requirement that it would not preclude future actions by the Working Group.


"The XP specification must provide a normative description of the default binding of XP to HTTP. This binding, while normative, is not to be exclusive. The binding provided by the Working Group will respect the semantics of HTTP and will demonstrate that it can co-exist with existing HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 implementations."

In the discussion of DR 612, several members felt strongly that a default binding to a second protocol was also necessary in order to prove the protocol independence of XP. One member felt that a binding specifically to SMTP was of interest. While agreeing that it was a good idea, other members questioned whether there was enough time to do a second mapping.

It was decided to approve DR612 as written and evaluate resource availability to work on a second protocol at a future date.

6. Requirements Document

Last Thursday, comments were put up on web site (see http://www.w3.org/2000/xp/Group/xp-reqs-02-comments.xml). These include the editor's comment on changes as to whether they result in a) no change, b) minor or syntactic change, c) major changes, or d) a completely different requirement. Each requirement has a set of links to comments.

A discussion ensued on how to view the requirements document as amended by the changes. It was decided to produce a third version of the document by applying the comments document to the second version. This will be produced by end of day on December 6.

Discussion on whether the December 18th W3C publication deadline could be met. Decision was deferred.

Answer to David Ezell question - Three updated simplicity requirements should be included from annotations.

7. Other (AOB)

Due to the holidays, there will be no telecon on December 27th.

Registration for Redmond f2f closes at midnight on December 6.

List of new action items

Simeon Simeonov
Follow-up with Glen about the use cases action item.
Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
Confirm with Paul that there is no (human) transport for f2f. DavidF stated that he believe Paul said "no".
Martin Gudgin
Produce an updated glossary by midnight Sunday 10th December Pacific Time.