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Are there certification schemes for accessible sites?
The WAI icons can be placed on pages. There is no certification of the claim that a page meets the requirements at the moment, but there is a quality assurance activity that might produce one in the future.

Afterthought: It is also possible to use RDF or PICS to provide a claim, in metadata.

Will there be tools for SVG like there are for Flash?
There are a number of tools already available, but SVG is not yet at Recommendation status. I would expect there will be a number of tools for using SVG.
In using style sheets to make SVG (for example) accessible, is this something that will be implemented in browsers, or by people supplying their own stylsheet?
Both. The ability to use a stylesheet is implemented in browsers/plugins. In some cases, a stylsheet might come with a browser, (like a template for an authoring tool) in some cases a user will have to download it, or write it for themselves. It would help if browsers included good stylesheet editing tools.
How large are SVG files?
It depends on the content. But they are comparable to bitmap images with similar amounts of information.
Do you work on mobile phones, and other devices, so that it will be possible to use them for the whole web?
There is a Device Independence activity being started at W3C, which includes the Voice browsing, Mobile, and TV groups already working. Clearly their work and ours are very closely related. We have worked together with those group, and I expect that will continue.
Can a page be tested for accessibility by a program?
Not completely. There are requirements that can only be tested by a person, and different tools test for different requirements, or do it in different ways.
Can RDF be used to describe relationships between pages?
Yes. Because it uses URI references, these can be objects in a page (like the examples I have given in this talk) or can be seperate pages.